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Friday, 14 May 2010

Sweden Stops Aid to Tanzania.

Sweden stops some of the aid to Tanzania. Payments of 135 million now frozen inside.
Tanzania has not managed to meet the conditions for including the fight against corruption, reform of the financial system and greater media freedom.

- We are giving less money to certain agreed performance have not been met by the Tanzanian government, "says Erik Korsgren who is head of Sida's assistance to Tanzania.

Sweden contributes each year with upwards of 450 million to Tanzania's budget to reduce poverty in the country. But 135 million of that sum is only paid in certain cases, requirements and conditions which now believes that the government of Tanzania did not.

- This is a program to strengthen the governance of public funds, corruption and media freedom, says Erik Korsgren.

It is not only Sweden has reduced aid to Tanzania, also the World Bank and other countries like Britain refunds due to shortcomings in the government's actions.
- Donors who feel it is well made an assessment that this is necessary at this time. While this affects such decisions surely the poor very hard in the short term, "says Ulrika Modéer, policy director of the aid organization Diakonia.
For those who are in Sweden can read in detail in DN news paper 14th may 2010.