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Monday, 20 September 2010

Sweden exports weapons to Saudi Arabia.

The Swedish Agency for Non-Proliferation and Export Controls (ISP) accepted already 2002 that Saab started selling weapons for combat to Saudi Arabia. This was during the Social Democratic government and most politicians in the committee for export control said yes. Already then, the issue was controversial.

Since then, several deals have been discussed. Some got a Yes and som got No. But the possibility to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia is still open because nothing dramatic has happened since 2002, says ISP chief Andreas Ekman Duse to Dagens Industri (DI).

- The only export prohibitions are countries which are bound by an embargo from the UN or the EU. Then it is of course prohibited, but in all other cases there is no such prohibition, says Ekman Duse to DI.

Already in 2007, Saab Bofors made public a foreign order of the anti-tank missile system Bill 2, but they chose to keep secret who was the buyer. The secrecy was kept until now, much because of the fact that the weapons were not delivered until this year.
Trade Minister knew nothing

Minister for Trade Ewa Björling said last year that Sweden does not sell weapons for combat to Saudi Arabia because of the country's lack of democracy and human rights.

Today Minister Björling says to Sveriges Radio that she was not informed by ISP about the weapon affairs.

Saab AT4 portable anti-tank missile. This is one
of Saab's anti-missile systems. The one sold to
Saudi Arabia, Bill 2 is heavier.

Sweden's export of weapons to Saudi Arabia comprises SEK 44 million (4.7 million euro). It concerns advanced anti-tank missiles ready for combat.

But compared with the United States possible future weapon export to Saudi Arabia, Sweden's part is a drop in the sea.

The Obama administration wants to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia for about USD 60 billion (45.9 billion euro).

According to Sveriges Radio, Saudi Arabia and USA want finish this deal to meet the increasing threat from Iran. The United States also sells big amounts of weapons to Israel for this reason.
Mmmmmh it`s scary wajameni.