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Monday, 9 January 2012

Born To Funk feat. Mzungu Kichaa - Oya Oya.

An exciting collaboration between famous dj and producer Born To Funk from The Netherlands and Tanzanian superstar Mzungu Kichaa. The two met last year while performing at the Sauti Za Busara festival in Zanzibar and decided to join forces, combining swahili lyrics and east african bongo-flavour with west european dance music.

The result is a hi energy single called 'Oya Oya', a song that tells a vivid story about coming home and 'being back in the game' after roaming the serengeti with the maasai.
Some info on the artists:
Mzungu Kichaa means ‘the crazy white man’. A name Espen Sorensen picked up from the Tanzanian music scene; crazy because the Danish born singer flows in fluent Kiswahili.

Despite his Danish background Mzungu Kichaa is praised, accepted and recognised as one of the pioneers of the powerful youth music of East Africa, Bongo Flava.

Kichaa’s interest for African music started at the early age of six, when his family moved to Zambia. He would soon learn to play traditional Tonga drums with his friends at local weddings.

His enthusiasm for learning local music traditions gradually transformed his life story to one that does not lend itself to easy conclusions. He strongly believes music is the key to build bridges between cultures and people, and has managed to live up to this belief through his own complex identity and musical voyage.

The artist’s unique guitar and clean vocals coupled with the upbeat sound of his Tanzanian band Bongo Beat brought new life to the Sauti za Busara Music Festival in February 2010.

This was the first of many dynamic performances long awaited for from his fans who’ve endorsed Kichaa to perform and feature throughout East Africa, on Radio and TV, where many of his concerts have been sold out. Subsequently he and his band completed a successful tour in Denmark including appearances on National TV, Newspapers and Radio.

BORN TO FUNK is the solo project of Amsterdam based musician Ferdinand Lijnkamp. As a pioneering leader of the international house scene, his top quality productions are mainstays of countless hype charts and well represented in the boxes of international top dj's.

Besides working with the best producers and labels in the scene, BORN TO FUNK tracks and remixes have also found their way onto many compilations like “Testament Of House” (Ministry Of Sound), “Wax Wars” (Defected), “Hed Kandi” (Base Ibiza and Disco Kandi), “The Flavour/TheVibe” (Stonebridge), “MTV Ibiza”, and “In Bed With Space” (Ibiza) to name a few.

He has played all major venues in Holland and beyond, including clubs like Pacha (Ibiza), Amika (Miami), Patipa (Kiev), Trilogy (Dubai), TuTu Tango (Curacao), Supperclub (Bangkok) and El Divino (Ibiza).

In Holland, populair events like Housequake, Defected in The House, Hed Kandi, House Republica and Super Sunday feature his spinning talent on a regular basis, and besides holding several residencies he performs regularly at major festivals like Dancevalley, Sensation White, and Extrema Outdoor.


Yasinta Ngonyani said...

oya oya ..nakwambia nimeshindwa kuvumilia safi sana...

Swahili na Waswahili said...

Hahahahha da'Yasinta hiyo OYAOYA Nimeipendaaaaaaa!Ahsante mwanakwetu kwa kitu cha Mthungu Kichaaa...