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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Lund University adjust the new admission rules.

After the criticism against new admission system for Swedish universities, which is seen as discriminatory against foreign students, Lund University will now make a special arrangement in order to improve the possabilities for students with foreign grades to get enrolled on their courses this fall semester
120 of the 1100 courses and programs will be affected and around 75 students are believed to get accepted at their desired courses this way according to the daily newspaper DN.

One of the problems in the brand new admission system is that students with foreign grades are in an admission group of their own. The reason for this is that Swedish students who have taken certain courses in high school get extra credits in order to stimulate high school students to choose these subjets. It is for example language courses and mathematics that the system wants to reward.

Foreign students can't get the extra credit since their high school courses are not always comparable and the standard is sometimes hard to analyse for Swedish universities. The foreign students would then have a disadvantage. That is why they created special admission groups for foreign students. The problem is that these groups might sometimes be so small that no one from the group gets into the course, even if they have top grades.