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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Oslo terror attacks a wake-up call to Norway .

I was shocked to hear that Norwegian madman Anders Behren Breivik will serve a maximum of only 21 years in jail for brutally murdering 92 of his fellow countrymen.

This is the man who detonated a car bomb in Oslo, killing eight people, before he went to an island 40 kilometres away, where he shot dead 84 defenceless youth in cold blood. He apparently did this to express his revulsion at Islam. Pure madness.

The attacks were a wake-up call to Norway to toughen its laws with a view to discouraging similar attacks in the future.
What Breivik did shows that terrorism has no religion. It is the work of sick minds, and has nothing to do with religion.
Terrorists kill indiscriminately, and this is exactly what Breivik did.

The worst terror attack in the US before the 9/11 atrocities was not carried out by Muslim extremists, but a Christian American called Timothy McVeigh, who murdered 168 people when he detonated a massive truck bomb in Oklahoma City in 1995