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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

AFRICAN THEME - NYC Party for Jesca's BDAY.

 From Left: Miraj from Houston TX , Johnson(myself), Shilla & Farida from CT and BDAY girl JESSIE
 Sangria, Wine, Vodka, Snacks & Everything You Need in the Left Corner

 Jessie posin with childhood friend Linda, these two have grown with each other for almost 15yrs
 The Main Man from Bongo, Dean Nyalusi showed up representing in proper theme wear.
 Jessie with Eliza n Reine posin in the kitchen before the festivities
 DJ DAVE, original Nyaki brother on the one & twos

Mambo hayoooooooooooo, Everyone gettn warmed up and reminiscing days back in BONGO

This was a NITE to remember, the most difficult part was to let a person like JESS approve a budget to be able to party like we wanted to. Balling on a budget is never fun! We were able to meet in the middle and did not spend too much. At this event people showed up from every corner, from DC to Ohio all the way even from Texas. Everyone was delightfully dressed in their top African wear and as the nite passed they changed clothing to throw down. Anywhere, where kuna wabongo it's guaranteed you have to start MDUARA for them to get hyped. As a DIASPORA for the TZ Community the best example we can serve for people back home is showing unity. Maybe politics and business isn't our best endeavor but just by simply getting together and having fun, gives our people back home HOPE & HEART. People miss BONGO, meeting up gives you a little bit of that back. 


Yasinta Ngonyani said...

inafurahisha kwa kweli...Edna mbona wewe sikuoni bwana au hukuwa?

EDNA said...

Da Yasinta hizo picha nimetumiwa tu nizirushe hapa.Hao unaowaona hapo wote wanaishi Marekani.

Yasinta Ngonyani said...

mmmhhh inabidi nitafute miwani...ila wote wametoka chicha kweli nimependa hizo bangili na rangi alivyozingapa...