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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Reports showing that most people in developing countries approve the beating of women is most irritating at a period when gender equity is (or should be) taken for granted.Some 65 per cent of respondents in a recent survey on gender issues agreed that there were times when a woman deserved to be beaten!

That does not only go against the Millennium Development Goal Number 3 which pledges to promote gender equality and empower women by the year 2015; it also goes against human rights.

The widely held view that there are times when a woman deserves a beating is very disturbing. Hitting another person is totally unacceptable: it is primitive, abhorrent and, yes: illegal!

According to the minister for Community Development, Gender and Children, Ms Sophia Simba, in a bid to eradicate this tendency to consider women men’s punching bags, the government is pushing for the implementation of The Child Development Policy of 2008 and the Children Act of 2009 in an effort to improve the welfare of Tanzania's children, regardless of the child’s gender.

That way, it is hoped, there will be changes for the better, as children will be brought up without the social pressures that make men aggressive, while forcing women to accept subjugation.Everybody in society – more so the women themselves – must firmly say No to violence against women in word and deed.
Credit to the Citizen.